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Gearing up for South by Southwest (SXSW)

Packing up gear and heading to Austin, TX for a weekend of tech, film and general brilliance.

I’m really excited to hear from leading pros around the web about what’s coming up, what’s working, how engagement is happening and general stories of connectedness. Last year was definitely an adventure and this year will be no different. It’s a time where I get to join up with super smart guys like Tim Grahl, Joseph Hinson and Brian Morykon of Out:Think Group. Plus I get to attend great sessions like this one from Josh Kaufman.

Mashable came out with a great list of can’t miss pieces (I will probably miss some of these, however, it’s so much.)

I’m also thrilled to be part of the Twitter peanut gallery at Beth Kanters session on the networked nonprofit. See more about it here. Best part, you can take part while it’s happening just use the hashtag #netnon

Also in the same vein for Nonprofits is a special area hosted by Beaconfire consulting – this is home base for many nonprofit attendees. I’m looking forward to hanging with Eve Simon and Michael Cervino. Check out the lounge here!

This year I’m also attending film events which is going to be intense. As the web landscape continues to provide many distribution tools for indie filmmakers. This is like the OK Corral to the general internet’s Wild West.

I’ll be posting the most interesting tidbits from both types of sessions in the next several days.

Be Safe,


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The Hardly Normal Cup of Coffee

Join Social Media maven Mark Horvath (@hardlynormal) for your morning cuppa at South by Southwest in Austin, TX. (SXSW)

Each morning Mark will chat about using Social Media for Social Good with a panel of genius communicators in the world of tech and non-profit. His guests have each set the standard for “now communication” within their niche.

The show films live in The Beacon: Lounge with a Conscience (NonProfit Lounge) March 13, 14 & 15th and will be airing online at The What Gives Ustream account.

Guest Lineup

Chris Brogan
President of the New Marketing Labs (, widely-read blogger, trendsetter, and co-author of the breakaway book, Trust Agents.

Beth Kanter
Author of “Beth’s Blog: How Non-Profits Can Use Social Media,” expert consultant to the non-profit world on Social Media strategy.

Jeff Pulver
Technology Anthropologist, Entrepreneur, Storyteller and Producer of the #140 Conference.

Kari Saratovsky
VP of Social Innovation, The Case Foundation (

Chris Noble
President of Cause Media Group

Tony Steward of
Known for their large-scale community creation muscle, will share about the ins and outs of community interaction.

The Hardly Normal Cup of Coffee is a morning broadcast not to be missed. These discussions will infuse tech heads with an informational buzz sure to wake the mind and heart. Mark Horvath, a homeless advocate and hope coach by nature, will lead an new interview conversation each day at the non-profit lounge. Each episode will stream live to his website.

With the world getting flatter and flatter, the lines of best practices on the web for non-profit and for profit businesses is becoming slim, the distinction is in the approach.

Strategic Partners


The Beacon is located on the 3rd floor of the Austin Convention Center, Room 8B—smack in the heart of the Greater Good Campus.


Invisible People at SXSW

Lots of activity this week around Mark Horvath.

For example:
Mark will be hosting a daily TV show at SXSW’s Non Profit Lounge (The Beacon: Lounge with a Conscience)
A lot more details coming very soon on this

He was recorded this week for a story coming up soon that’s launching on the radio (it rhymes with Crashional Public Radio)

SXSW launched his podcast that gives some incite on his Core Conversation “A Conversation About Social Change Through Social Media”
Check out his 3 minutes synopsis here

A little background:
This is the first of what will be at least 2 collaborations of Portnoy Media with Invisible People. Mark recorded about 4 takes on what his talk would be like and sent them our way. I immediately got on the horn with Chris Wygal at Audio Concepts (They produce The Drop Podcast) and mapped out what we needed and welcoming any additional ideas from Chris. This is clearly when having a reliable team is crucial. Since working with Chris for 6 years on audio projects we were able to stitch together a great take that really gives a sense of what Marks session will be like at SXSW ’10.

Are you going to be at SXSW? We should meet up, shoot me an email or say hello on Twitter


Mark on

That’s right, We’re in!

We had the pleasure of joining with some great companies this summer in sponsoring the Invisible Road Trip and as Mark heads to SXSW we’re going to do it again!

If you follow Mark on Twitter, you know that 2009 was an up and down year for him (he might say a down and down) but he’s done so much of the stigma surrounding homelessness and those experiencing it. People are engaging in conversations and sharing their fears. Homelessness is still the elephant in the room for many but with highly impacting talks at Gnomedex, BlogWorld and The 140 Characters Conference in Los Angeles – 2010 is the year of Mark Horvath and Invisible

There’s a lot to sponsor these days from grocery receipts to print ads (HA!) so why not contribute to a story that bigger than you and me put together.

Mark’s making his way as one of the Core Conversation program at the 2010 SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, TX and we want to help make that a reality. Mark’s work and risks are an inspiration to me. It’s important for all of us to put our money to great investments – I think Mark is one of those. So, I’m putting my money where my mouth is. Please join me today in giving to the (very unofficial) “Get Mark Horvath to SXSW” fund and click here to donate at his website.

Donate to!

I'm playing the part of Elf to Mark's Santa!
This past Christmas Eve, I got to ride shotgun with Mark – Check out our adventure here!