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It’s finally here! Book marketer Tim Grahl is the brains behind several high-profile, bestselling authors. Authors like Dan Pink, Hugh Howey and so many more! His book, Your First 1000 Copies: The step-by-step guide to marketing your book, has been lighting up the best selling charts since it’s release.

1:15 – Commentary on the Olympics, The Walking Dead and House of Cards

7:20 – Interview with Tim Grahl


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If It’s Broke….

I’m sorry to do this to you. From now on you’re going to see it. It’ll be in your face and it can’t be ignored. What is it?

It’s the broken system.

We see them all the time. The spam email that you didn’t ask for, the sign that leads to a dead end or anything on the FAIL blog.

Seth Godin is a great writer and communicator and I think he hits the nail on the head on a subject that we often see and draw attention to but rarely fix.

I’m a fan of the broken system, it’s actually something we love around the office. The best part is that it’s obvious and can be changed – usually in short order. We’ve joined teams that have been in dismal shape and in as little as 6 weeks seen revenue growth of over 300% over the previous year. Was it a special case? Maybe. Point is, your system is delivering the perfect results for what you’ve crafted so you can probably make it better.

Action Possibilities:

  • What small ways could be improved upon to bring more harmony to your team, improve morale, etc?
  • How can you bring trust to your team that will stop them from using the passive aggressive “Reply All” button?
  • How’s your team performing?
  • What policies or procedures do you laugh about but continue to enforce?

Launching 5 Weeks for Freedom

5 Weeks for Freedom

Today marks the beginning of International Justice Mission’s summer campaign – 5 Weeks for Freedom.

I was thrilled to be asked to be a part of helping getting the word out and stoked to be the first stop on their blog tour, click for the link. That post was the intensely personal side of the issue of human trafficking and how the awareness to such an issue eventually sidetracked my life in a very good way. It’s important to note that I wasn’t paid in any way for my blog services for this cause.

But over here at the Lab, I thought we’d talk about the communication, the website and some of the technology behind This site and campaign of IJM will be tracking the movements of a group traveling from Mobile, AL to Buffalo, NY in the next several weeks.


Multiple Touch Points – IJM has done a great job with social media integration and they’re building on their brand by starting another account on Twitter @5WFF There’s also going to be regular updates via their blog on what’s happening on the road and report backs on successes.

Access – The site allows for the viewer to check in with the riders via GPS. And also they’ll being doing uStream video live when they make certain stops.

Options – There are a lot of ways to get involved with what IJM is doing.

Humanity – I love the option to meet the individual riders (Personally my money is on Deborah Go, gotta represent SoCal!) A quick minute on why each rider is there, with so many stories it’ll be a lot easier to catalyze others in involvement and think about what their doing in their communities.

Time Limit – theres an end. So many times NGO’s aren’t thinking about a natural arc. How are your campaigns flowing? They should be like a good story – a beginning, a middle and an end. IJM’s campaign is a quick one and they’ve already set their day of completion of July 30. Having that end date helps communicate a lot to their audience – to the longtime connections, there’s an understanding that their will be a lot of talk about this campaign over the next 5-8 weeks. To the new connections, a time limit allows for a great introduction to what IJM is all about and as they continue to educate these new supporters who are passionate about making modern day slavery a thing of the past.

Over all marks – there’s no guarantee on any campaign but this looks like a fun time. I’m still waiting for some smart app developing company to make the IJM iPhone app.

IJM worked with Grafik for the creative and Capital Idea Ventures for the development of the site.


How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Thanks to my friend, Ryan Sisson (website), for posting this fantastic talk from Simon Sinek via facebook.

Please take the 18 minutes and check out this talk:

I’ve never heard of Simon Sinek before but I’ve come to trust the crew picking speakers at TED to be on top of their game. Personally I found the story of Samuel Pierpont Langley to be the largest tragedy in this talk. The guy with the most promise and possibility let the Wright Brothers run away with the technology. Discovery was his primary objective and became blind to seeing any other possibilities, what other markets could he have leveraged his knowledge into and connected to the masses, made money or influenced technology.

How does your company engage it’s clientele? Is your why the inspiration or the response?

Pick up Mr. Sinek’s book Start With Why