Connecting with audiences to move them to a better storytelling goal.

An engaging and highly sought after speaker, Dan Portnoy will offer a fun and interactive experience for audience members at your next event.  He’s been found guest lecturing at UCLA, USC and Pepperdine University. He’s given talks at at national conferences and has been featured on NPR and Fox Business.

Dan Portnoy is the author of The Nonprofit Narrative: How Stories Can Save the World.  He has worked with some of the most well known names in non-profits to revolutionize their marketing and message to increase engagement and donations.  Alongside his work with non-profits, he has worked with the toughest outposts of Fortune 500 companies to get them back on track and with big results. He is sought after to help flesh out business ideas, coach teams and lead senior staff through the digital age. Read More.

Dan's Topics Include:

  • The Non-Profit Narrative: How Telling Stories Can Change the World
  • Using Stories to Engage, Sell & Brand
  • The Business of Relationships: How Marketing Has Changed Forever
  • Building the Best Story World for Your Campaigns
  • Using Social Media to Decrease Throughputs and Increase Conversion Rates

Contact Dan@PortnoyMediaGroup.com to check availability.