Justin McRoberts CMYK Kickstarter

Last week Justin McRoberts launched his first ever Kickstarter Campaign and I love it. This summer I had the chance to hear his vision for a project that was part music, part written word and all awesome. The CMYK project started last year and has featured 3 EP’s (C, M & Y) These have all … Read More

Social Media for NonProfits in Los Angeles

After a sold-out program in Silicon Valley, Social Media for Nonprofits is heading to Los Angeles on August 14, featuring an all-star lineup sharing practical tips and tools for leveraging social media for fundraising, marketing & advocacy. Join me along with Giulia McPherson, CARE; Lee Fox, KooDooz; Lisa Rau, Confluence; Tom Kramer, Fundly; Michael Bellavia, … Read More

Make Your Team Building Anything But Ordinary

I’ve seen this trailer a few times over the past several months and it’s finally hitting theaters. As soon as I saw it, I knew that would be a great outing for the Portnoy Media team. I’m a huge fan of Friday Morning Movies. Not a lot of people in the theater, it disrupts the … Read More

How NBC has Primetime Olympic Coverage All Wrong

I’ve been looking forward to the Olympics. I bought food for specific Olympic dishes, invited people over, checked broadcast schedules and talked with a lot of people about this years coverage. Dreaming about how incredible it could be. I went to the NBC website, logged in to get emails when specific sports are broadcast so … Read More

4 Tips About Non-Profit Storytelling From The Dark Knight Rises

Tonights the big night and I’ll bet you know about it. You’ve been hearing all about it for weeks and weeks. Your friends have been mentioning it, you’ve seen ads, you’ve seen clips, you’ve seen behind the scenes footage and it all culminates tonight! The Dark Knight Rises debuts at Midnight. “Gotham, take control… take … Read More

You Can Grow Ideas In The Garden of Your Mind

Fred Rogers has been dropping knowledge from 1968 until 2000 – That’s 895 episodes of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood! So when he encourages the use of imagination, even if it is to children, there’s wisdom in his words. Imagination is the well that a storyteller must go back to over and over. Make sure you’re taking … Read More

Non-Profit Fundraising Expert Dan Portnoy Speaks at Ideation Conference

“Non-Profit Narrative” e-book Now Available for Free Download on Amazon for 24 Hours PASADENA, Calif., May 23, 2012 — Non-profit Fundraising consultant Dan Portnoy spoke at the Ideation Conference in Chicago recently as he taught seminar participants how to raise money for their causes by connecting emotionally with their audiences through the power of story, … Read More

Second Verse, Same As the First!

Two weeks ago at The Ideation Conference, I did something crazy. I gave away The Non-Profit Narrative: How Telling Stories Can Change the World for FREE. The result was a blitz of downloads (2507 at final tally and it ranked as high as #125 in the Kindle Library) but I heard from some that wanted to … Read More


ENGAGING, INTERACTIVE, PERSONAL Connecting with audiences to move them to a better storytelling goal. An engaging and highly sought after speaker, Dan Portnoy will offer a fun and interactive experience for audience members at your next event.  He’s been found guest lecturing at UCLA, USC and Pepperdine University. He’s given talks at at national conferences and has been featured … Read More

1 + 1 = 3

This video of Ken Burns has been making the rounds this week. “We need to keep the wolf from the door. We tell stories to continue ourselves. We all think an exception is going to be made in our case and we’re going to live forever. Being a human is actually arriving at the understanding … Read More