We Welcome Our Newest Partner – The SETI Institute

We’re thrilled to welcome our newest partner, The SETI Institute. You may have heard of them or several of their standout scientists. Just last week they made some big announcements about volcanoes on Jupiter’s “pizza moon”. You may have heard of SETI from their esteemed researcher, Dr. Jill Tarter, this years TED Prize recipient. Here’s … Read More

Whimsy Raises Money for Cure Kids

  It’s the classic story. Band comes together and makes ridiculously funny songs for several years, they create a TV program and it has a couple of great seasons on HBO. They take some time apart and have great success still. Then reform their group and help children by raising money. The band in question … Read More

Behind the Curtain | Frank

I met Frank a few years ago while attending a show at ArcLight Pasadena. He’s incredible to be around and he makes the movie going experience that much better – check him out! With reserved seating, double-arm reclining chairs, a café and bar, and a sound system that exceeds THX standards, ArcLight Cinemas in Pasadena … Read More

SXSW Panel Picker – The Non-Profit Narrative

Please cast a vote for my panel at SXSW this year. The vote only counts for 30% of the overall vote but I need your help to get high marks. My session is The Non-Profit Narrative Description Stories withstand the test of time and have the ability to connect us with information and emotions that … Read More

Justin McRoberts CMYK Kickstarter

Last week Justin McRoberts launched his first ever Kickstarter Campaign and I love it. This summer I had the chance to hear his vision for a project that was part music, part written word and all awesome. The CMYK project started last year and has featured 3 EP’s (C, M & Y) These have all … Read More

Make Your Team Building Anything But Ordinary

I’ve seen this trailer a few times over the past several months and it’s finally hitting theaters. As soon as I saw it, I knew that would be a great outing for the Portnoy Media team. I’m a huge fan of Friday Morning Movies. Not a lot of people in the theater, it disrupts the … Read More

4 Tips About Non-Profit Storytelling From The Dark Knight Rises

Tonights the big night and I’ll bet you know about it. You’ve been hearing all about it for weeks and weeks. Your friends have been mentioning it, you’ve seen ads, you’ve seen clips, you’ve seen behind the scenes footage and it all culminates tonight! The Dark Knight Rises debuts at Midnight. “Gotham, take control… take … Read More

Summer Reading – How Groups are Using the Non-Profit Narrative to Engage

Summer is here and if you can remember your school age self, then you know all about summer reading lists. So let’s get RIF-tastic! (Reading Is Fundamental, son!) Get your sharpest minds working on telling your organization’s story. Books have been flying off the shelves (digital and physical) and I wanted to share with you … Read More

Give them the Behind the Scenes Tour!

A few years ago I got a chance to tour Georgia Aquarium. It wasn’t the normal tour, it was billed as the behind the scenes. It was twice the price of the standard tour and it was also personal. A tour guide gathered our small group of 6 and we immediately traveled through doors that … Read More

You Can Grow Ideas In The Garden of Your Mind

Fred Rogers has been dropping knowledge from 1968 until 2000 – That’s 895 episodes of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood! So when he encourages the use of imagination, even if it is to children, there’s wisdom in his words. Imagination is the well that a storyteller must go back to over and over. Make sure you’re taking … Read More