Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is my brother and Clara. Sometimes when I see my brothers interacting with their kids as their dad it makes my eyes leak. My nieces and nephews are all incredible and there’s lots of them but this past year, Clara has been center stage. Joe and Joe, collectively known as The Jo(e)s, have really … Read More


Over the past week I’ve been spending some time with Dan & Michael Long from Long Winter Media on their latest project – Invention. The director/producer team launched their first short with some help from Kickstarter. Dan and I have talked movies for years and, on a few occasions, hit up a theater to catch … Read More

Are You “A True Friend”?

This week I’m collaborating with long time coconspirators Abandon Films. Their latest film, “A True Friend” releases next week and I got a chance to cut the trailer to this project. Additional polish is courtesy of Won Novalis. Take a look and let me know what you think!  

Thank You!

It’s December and I’d like to take a moment and recap all that happened this year 2012 started with a bang! We launched The Non-Profit Narrative. On location with Jones Coffee and complete with a photo booth.  And thanks to so many of you, the book has been a real success. Thank you for buying … Read More

Can You Say It Without Words?

Communicating your message is a tricky thing. When campaigns are created, assumptions are made. We’d like to have an audience move this way so we’ll show them that. A few months back I had the chance to hear Pete Docter give a talk on storytelling and the use of visuals. The Oscar winner had a … Read More

Giving Tuesday

  Today is the “Black Friday” of nonprofits. Don’t sweat it if you’re just hearing about it for the first time, it’s fairly new.  The idea is to make charitable giving part of the mad dash to the Christmas shopping finish line. So I’ve got a few recommendations for you:   SETI This group of … Read More

The Non-Profit Narrative Gets the Audio Treatment

  Just launched is the AudioBook version of The Non-Profit Narrative. I spent some time with Chris Wygal of Audio Concepts and recorded the unabridged version of the book.  It’s 110 minutes of encouragement on how you can better develop your story and better connect with donors. I’m selling it for just $6.95 on Audible, Amazon and iTunes – So … Read More

We Welcome Our Newest Partner – The SETI Institute

We’re thrilled to welcome our newest partner, The SETI Institute. You may have heard of them or several of their standout scientists. Just last week they made some big announcements about volcanoes on Jupiter’s “pizza moon”. You may have heard of SETI from their esteemed researcher, Dr. Jill Tarter, this years TED Prize recipient. Here’s … Read More

Whimsy Raises Money for Cure Kids

  It’s the classic story. Band comes together and makes ridiculously funny songs for several years, they create a TV program and it has a couple of great seasons on HBO. They take some time apart and have great success still. Then reform their group and help children by raising money. The band in question … Read More

Behind the Curtain | Frank

I met Frank a few years ago while attending a show at ArcLight Pasadena. He’s incredible to be around and he makes the movie going experience that much better – check him out! With reserved seating, double-arm reclining chairs, a café and bar, and a sound system that exceeds THX standards, ArcLight Cinemas in Pasadena … Read More