Non-Profit Story Training – $495 There’s no time limit on the class, learn at your own pace and share it with your team. This class covers: How the Narrative Story Framework applies to your non-profit. How to acquire and cultivate an audience while telling a compelling story. Strategy to determine Your Best Audiences The Top … Read More

Last Call!

  10 Days ago we announced the first course in Non-Profit Story Training Series. This first class will be at a discounted rate of $247. (Regular price will be close to $500). Several organizations have signed up – from small to large in annual fundraising. All seeking to tell a great story, engage their audience … Read More

13 Choices To Inspire You With a Great Story

Christmas Holidays are great. Seeing family and rehashing old stories and catching up but sometimes it’s a lot. Make sure you make time to connect with family and loved ones this year but after the food coma kicks in and naps are prevalent and the puzzling ends – take a break and experience something new … Read More

A New Way to Get More Donors and Build your Organization

When I got the call from the United Way of Los Angeles, they were frustrated and worried about the steady decline of their fundraising dollars over the last several years. Even with a lot of hard work on their part, it wasn’t getting any better. Their executives knew that everything wasn’t right but they couldn’t … Read More

How to Write the Perfect Opening Sentence

  The beginning of any project, a book or your next campaign, needs to start well. If you’d like a master class… look at the works of Charles Dickens. But as for advice – Stephen King knocks it out of the park.   Stephen King’s classic craft memoir On Writing addresses almost everything the master storyteller knows. … Read More

How To Win Christmas

This years Holiday shopping season has been legendary already. And we’re not at Thanksgiving. The big guns are out. Reports of locations opening for record hours (Kmart is open for 41 hours straight) The camping out has already started at Phoenix area Best Buy’s. There’s a lot happening and I know that panicked execs are … Read More

4Liters in the Classroom

  Here’s the second video product we’ve launched for DIGDEEP This Spring, educators in Southern California challenged their students to try 4Liters and used the flexible, multi-disciplinary curriculum to bring that experience into their classrooms. I sat down with Maggie Lauder and Joe Kim to get their take on the program and why it’s important … Read More

Elmore Leonard’s Ten Rules of Writing

We lost a great writer today. Elmore Leonard is responsible for many stories that I love including Get Shorty, Out of Sight, Hombre, Mr. Majestyk and Rum Punch, which was filmed as Jackie Brown. Leonard’s short stories include ones that became the films 3:10 to Yuma and The Tall T, as well as the current TV series on FX, Justified. Here are his 10 rules on writing, … Read More

Behind the Scenes with 4Liters

4 Liters is the next campaign from DIGDEEP, a human rights organization that defends water access. They work on the 100% donor model and generally make the world a better place. We’re collaborating for 4Liters, a next generation experience on the need for access to clean water. The campaign launches in the month of October. … Read More

Top Story on Christianity Today

Today’s Top News – Building Community Earlier this year, I helped launch a project with Justin McRoberts. Today the top story on Christianity Today was on this project. See what they’re saying: “The words “pastor” and “artist” aren’t often used for the same person, but Justin McRoberts is an exception that proves the rule. Co-pastor … Read More