Story Road Radio – Jason Brubaker

Jason is an artist in Los Angeles and author of ReMIND series (Vol 1&2) and he just recently released “Unnatural Talent: Creating, Printing, and Selling Your Comic in the Digital Age“. He’s had 2 successful campaigns on Kickstarter, one resulting in over 12oK! In this episode we talk about the process of creativity, the best … Read More

Josh Kaufman | Story Road Radio

  Josh Kaufman is the author of the #1 international bestseller “The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business,” as well as “The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything… Fast!” Josh’s unique, multidisciplinary approach to business mastery has helped millions of readers around the world learn essential business concepts on their own terms. Josh’s … Read More

What do you mean by Acquisition?

“Hi Dan, reading through Non-Profit Narrative (love it, very inspiring) what do you mean by Acquisition? Specifically as a takeaway on pg. 53. Would this be in the sense of an “ask” after the event? Maybe acquiring more people into our story to tell the story? Would love a little help understanding this. Thanks!” – … Read More

SuperBowl Wrap Up

Tonights’ Super Bowl was a lot of fun to watch.. As long as you’re not a Broncos fan. Sorry, Peyton. Here’s a look at my play by play during the game and what I think were the commercials to comment on. What was your favorite? Big Winners: Chevy – Cancer Week Partnership. Toyota – Muppet … Read More

From The Archives – The Great American Road Trip

Back in 2007, the idea of a web series was pretty foreign. 4 guys, a car and a fair amount of expectation brought us together for the most sweltering 2 days of my entire life.  Drama and intrigue combined with a lack of planning that would make Honey Boo Boo proud. I recently added the … Read More

Story Element – Tension

  Download here – Right Click, “Save As” For Your Notebook: Have you used tension on a campaign? Do your campaigns have an end date? How Well are you reporting back results? How do you celebrate? Internally and with your tribe     Fill out my online form.

Story Element – Hero

  Download here – Right Click, “Save As”   For your Notebook: Who is the hero of your organization? What do they look like? What’s their demographic data? Age, male/female breakdown Annual Income? Average Gift size? How often do they give? Where are they giving? Traditional vs Online What kind of demographic data can you … Read More

Story Road Radio!

After a 2 year hiatus Dan is back at the podcast desk to bring you a solid story and a laugh or two. Each episode explores behind the scenes on movers and shakers in media, marketing and non-profits. Hear from experts on what they’re learning and discover how it can help you and your business. … Read More

Golden Globes Nominees and Picks

2013 has been a year of box office records and the year finished very strong. Here’s a list of nominees and who I’d pick to win. MOTION PICTURES Best Drama 12 Years a Slave Captain Phillips Gravity Philomena Rush Best Musical/Comedy American Hustle Her Inside Lleweyn Davis Nebraska The Wolf of Wall Street Best Director … Read More

What’s Wrong With TED Talks?

  Watched this TED talk and it’s got me thinking today. Is it cynicism, skepticism or a healthy dose of not playing nice with others? What do you think?