2014 Telly’s = 3 WINS!

I just received word that we received 3 Telly’s for a couple of projects and I’m super thrilled to tell you about them. United Way of Los Angeles The Workplace Hero Campaign – Internet/Online Commercial – Campaign – Not-for-Profit   In what was easily one of the most fun projects to create, The Workplace Hero … Read More

Saving Eliza

I love receiving emails like this one from Wendy Wareham. Dan, Although we have never met, I have enjoyed your book and your audio sessions.  Your messages help fundraisers to remember to keep working on crafting the stories.   I’m sending this along to you because I feel like, even though I have 30 years … Read More

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Josh Kaufman | Story Road Radio

  Josh Kaufman is the author of the #1 international bestseller “The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business,” as well as “The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything… Fast!” Josh’s unique, multidisciplinary approach to business mastery has helped millions of readers around the world learn essential business concepts on their own terms. Josh’s … Read More

Debut Episode – Story Road Radio

Debut Episode – Story Road Radio

It’s finally here! Book marketer Tim Grahl is the brains behind several high-profile, bestselling authors. Authors like Dan Pink, Hugh Howey and so many more! His book, Your First 1000 Copies: The step-by-step guide to marketing your book, has been lighting up the best selling charts since it’s release. 1:15 – Commentary on the Olympics, The … Read More

What do you mean by Acquisition?

“Hi Dan, reading through Non-Profit Narrative (love it, very inspiring) what do you mean by Acquisition? Specifically as a takeaway on pg. 53. Would this be in the sense of an “ask” after the event? Maybe acquiring more people into our story to tell the story? Would love a little help understanding this. Thanks!” – … Read More

SuperBowl Wrap Up

Tonights’ Super Bowl was a lot of fun to watch.. As long as you’re not a Broncos fan. Sorry, Peyton. Here’s a look at my play by play during the game and what I think were the commercials to comment on. What was your favorite? Big Winners: Chevy – Cancer Week Partnership. Toyota – Muppet … Read More

Artist Profile – Macha Suzuki

Macha Suzuki is an incredible artist and I was able to spend some time with him in December. Macha’s latest show “THIS IS THE END” will be at the Vincent Price Art Museum February 8th – April 25th. See info on the show at http://portnoy.co/1gyKNAX Visit his website – http://www.machasuzuki.com

From The Archives – The Great American Road Trip

Back in 2007, the idea of a web series was pretty foreign. 4 guys, a car and a fair amount of expectation brought us together for the most sweltering 2 days of my entire life.  Drama and intrigue combined with a lack of planning that would make Honey Boo Boo proud. I recently added the … Read More

Non-Profit Storytelling Training – Introduction

Like what you see? Sign up for the entire class today, click here!     Audio Only Download it here  Left Click and “Save As”   Homework: Get a notebook My Favorite Moleskine Digital Apps for Notes Evernote Penultimate Paper Adobe Ideas Carve out some time weekly to think about your story     Fill out … Read More