Get Set for S.T.E.A.M.!

Foothill Christian School was looking for some help to get across a complex plan for updating and improving the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math or S.T.E.A.M. We worked with their team to build a script and profile that would be entertaining but also easily understandable. The concept was to let our host … Read More

These Dry Bones

Over the last several months I’ve been collaborating with Eric Shouse of the band Closer by One to create a visual palette that reinforces the themes in “These Dry Bones”. When I heard the song, it sounded to me that the big takeaway was the idea of longing or more specifically the desire to be close … Read More

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What do you mean by Acquisition?

“Hi Dan, reading through Non-Profit Narrative (love it, very inspiring) what do you mean by Acquisition? Specifically as a takeaway on pg. 53. Would this be in the sense of an “ask” after the event? Maybe acquiring more people into our story to tell the story? Would love a little help understanding this. Thanks!” – … Read More

SuperBowl Wrap Up

Tonights’ Super Bowl was a lot of fun to watch.. As long as you’re not a Broncos fan. Sorry, Peyton. Here’s a look at my play by play during the game and what I think were the commercials to comment on. What was your favorite? Big Winners: Chevy – Cancer Week Partnership. Toyota – Muppet … Read More

Story Element – Tension

  Download here – Right Click, “Save As” For Your Notebook: Have you used tension on a campaign? Do your campaigns have an end date? How Well are you reporting back results? How do you celebrate? Internally and with your tribe     Fill out my online form.

Story Element – Inciting Incident

  Download here – Right Click, “Save As” Simon Sinek – TED For Your Notebook: What’s your inciting incident to be working on your issue? What’s the reason/story why your organization started? Are you educating/reminding your tribe of that story?   Fill out my online form.

Story Element – Your Role

  Download here – Right Click, “Save As”   For Your Notebook: Look at your campaigns through the eyes of a mentor How have you been leading/educating? Is education built into your communications? What would be a great education piece to create?   Fill out my online form.

Story Element – Villain

  Download here – Right click, “Save As” For your notebook: Your campaigns need to have a great villain! What’s the issue you’re fighting? How can you nuance the issue? What additional issues impact your main issue? Fill out my online form.

Story Element – Hero

  Download here – Right Click, “Save As”   For your Notebook: Who is the hero of your organization? What do they look like? What’s their demographic data? Age, male/female breakdown Annual Income? Average Gift size? How often do they give? Where are they giving? Traditional vs Online What kind of demographic data can you … Read More