5 Questions with Steve Stockman

What’s the biggest mistake you see consistently made in video by nonprofits? Cause Focus vs. Audience Focus. Non-profits are great organizations, with worthy causes. But when it comes to video, it’s Entertain or Die. Nobody watches bad video. Not your interest group, even though you want them to because it’s good for them. Not your employees, … Read More

Help Portrait 2011

This past Sunday Jeremy Cowart was working his magic for the next chapter of Help Portrait in 2011. In keeping with the tradition of Help Portrait from previous years they’ll be respecting the privacy of any and all who would like to have their portrait taken but this year they are asking those who are … Read More

Chapter 1 – The Ritual of Story

This is the entire chapter taken from the book “The Non-Profit Narrative”. Sign up for my email list and get 2 chapters of the book before it releases – plus an inside scoop on how to get the book for free! What if you could double your online fundraising this next year? Would that much … Read More

Drop Launches Latest with Graffiti6

This week’s episode goes International!! Jamie Scott, 50% of the UK group Graffiti6, sits down with Tiffany for an in-depth introduction to the NEW EP “Free”. You’ve heard them on Grey’s Anatomy, CSI:NY and Covert Affairs. Download it today! Graffiti6 Website Graffiti6 on Twitter Graffiti6 on iTunes Graffiti6 on Spotify Join our Team for HomewalkLA … Read More

William Fitzsimmons on The Drop

So thrilled for this episode!! This week we reconnect with William Fitzsimmons. (The previous interview from Sept. 2007 is the most downloaded episode ever!) Dan catches up with William about a major label debut, keeping his music honest and the story behind “Beautiful Girl”. Download it today! WilliamFitzsimmons.com Pick up “Gold In The Shadow” on … Read More

Facebook Timeline- Sharing the Story of your Life

Mark Zuckerberg launched Timeline to the world at the F8 conference this AM. Timeline is a much more visual bevy of beauty to the current platform and I can’t wait to get my hands on it to start messing around with it. Some of the new options/features: The “like” button now has the use of … Read More

United Way, Michael Jr. and PMG – Oh My! Social Media Week LA

Today I’m joining some great people for a panel at Social Media Week! Branding your Social Enterprise with Integrity in Social Media Thursday, September 22 at 2:00 PM – 3:15 PM Writers Boot Camp @ Bergamot Station In the world of social media a brand is dynamic, not static. Interacting with consumers, potential supporters, and … Read More

Ira Glass – Encouragement on Storytelling

This great animation from David Shiyang Liu is based on one of the greatest storytellers of our time, Ira Glass. Check out his work here. I found it inspiring and encouraging to keep moving, create good work and close the gap from taste to creative narrative. Be encouraged and build your story – keep going, … Read More

Dear Charity, Nonprofit & NGO….

This is how to ask for money – give vision to your tribe! This concept is simple (Tell your Story) but it’s not easy. Every September, I look forward to hearing Scott Harrison tell me all the really incredible things that friends of charity:water have been doing over the last year. Seeing peers, families and … Read More

Cool It Launches Contest

the crew at Cool It are giving away a Cool It Prize Pack – The film on DVD and the book The Skeptical Environmentalist by Bjorn Lomborg. Lomborg is known for going against the flow in the modern debate of carbon footprints and green activities that the world should be investing in. As a result, … Read More