Announcing the All New

  Super thrilled to announce the launch of a new look to A few months back I talked with the crew at OutThink about what it could look like, it’s function and expectations of what it could do. I chose the workshop because it’s where trial and error happen, research and development and very … Read More

New Short Film Launches Wednesday

  The first film from ArcLight Cinemas new series of short films debuts this Wednesday. The “Behind the Curtain” series will show the personality and the excellence that ArcLight staff consistently shows in the theater experience. We can’t wait to share it with you.    

The Non-Profit Narrative Book Launch Party – Teaser

Tonight was a great event at Jones Coffee and featuring PhotoBoothThing. I’ve got more of a write up coming to you, complete with video in the next few days but I was laughing so hard at these photos that I had to animate it. Courtney Ameli gives me the business end of a sword! More … Read More

The Launch is Here!

Yesterday I received a parcel of the finished product of The Non-Profit Narrative, so it’s time to celebrate! My hope is that this book is an encouragement for a lot of battle weary development directors and marketing managers looking for a handle on how to effectively communicate their message in the digital age. Each chapter … Read More

Drop Launches Latest with Graffiti6

This week’s episode goes International!! Jamie Scott, 50% of the UK group Graffiti6, sits down with Tiffany for an in-depth introduction to the NEW EP “Free”. You’ve heard them on Grey’s Anatomy, CSI:NY and Covert Affairs. Download it today! Graffiti6 Website Graffiti6 on Twitter Graffiti6 on iTunes Graffiti6 on Spotify Join our Team for HomewalkLA … Read More

Book Announced

I’m super thrilled to announce that we’re launching my first book – The Non-profit Narrative My goal for the book is to end up in the center of three topics. This book shows how non-profits can thrive by telling great stories. Learn what it takes to communicate a narrative in the digital space that gets … Read More

Michael Jr Launches “O1”

O1 – watch more funny videos A prequel to the Ocean’s franchise – Michael Jr shows what it looks like before Danny Ocean was involved. As a continuation in his series of cinematic shorts like Blackberry, “O1” takes it to the next level of funny. Portnoy Media produced the video, coordinated the shoot and brought … Read More

Cool It Launches Contest

the crew at Cool It are giving away a Cool It Prize Pack – The film on DVD and the book The Skeptical Environmentalist by Bjorn Lomborg. Lomborg is known for going against the flow in the modern debate of carbon footprints and green activities that the world should be investing in. As a result, … Read More

The Drop Launches New Episode with Schuyler Fisk

This week we hear from the Ladies and more specifically Virginia native Schuyler Fisk! Tiffany catches up with Ms. Fisk about her dream duet, who’d she call if she were in jail and pop culture zombies plus they talk about her latest album Blue Ribbon Winner. Download it today! Follow Schuyler on Twitter Friend Schuyler … Read More