Superhero Pictures Site Launched

The film side of The Portnoy Media Group launched their digital domain this week. The site currently styled in some winter wondery-goodness will be updated on all the upcoming projects for the coming year. The foremost project for 2007 will be The Great American Road Trip. ( The film project and the website aim to … Read More

Storytime – A Little Art Book by Joey Spiotto

Storytime – A Little Art Book by Joey Spiotto

UPDATE: This project hit the front page of Kickstarter today under popular. (nearly 12K in 6 hours!) Launching today is Joey Spiotto’s (aka JO3BOT) latest endeavor – a new book of all of the Storytime pieces he’s made over the last few years. Check out the video. We had the pleasure of collaborating with Joey on … Read More

Film Day!

Abandon Films and Superhero Pictures collaborate again for The Virginia Production Alliances Annual Film Day. This year so much is on the line in tax incentives that can allow many film professionals to keep with working in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Check out the Video by clicking the picture above

Road Trip Releases DVD with “Road Show”

The Great American Road Trip pushed the envelope of New Media by releasing to the web. To keep with the nature of the film, the DVD release couldn’t be anything ordinary. So Spring 2008 the guys from the show will be joining up with special venues and musicians from the soundtrack for an evening of … Read More

The Great American Road Trip Presses On

After wrapping all principle shooting this past Saturday, The Great American Road Trip moves into post production and a release date is slated for the first installment of the trip. Starting Tuesday July 3rd and continuing each week will feature the adventures of Justin, Won, Tim and Dan as they travel from Virginia to Durham, … Read More

Pre-Production For “Road Trip” Announced

The Internet – Picture this: 4 Men, 1 Winnebago and 2,448 miles of seasoned highway. These three together set the stage for a journey of a lifetime on a road filled with history and painted with stories of young and old. There is only one highway that can provide such an adventure and that is … Read More

First Project Announced

The ink isn’t yet dry on the treatment but the first major endeavor of Superhero Pictures is The Great American Road Trip.  Check it out here.  It’s part documentary, part parody but all conveying the essence of the human spirit.  Check back for updates.