5 Questions with Marc A. Pitman

Marc A. Pitman gets it. Marc betters the world by helping non-profits raise money. His book “Ask Without Fear” is a best seller and gives NP’s the tools needed to court dollars more effectively and he’s been featured on NBC, CBS, Fox News and more! He’s also part of the team at the recently launched … Read More

Why I’m Sponsoring The Idea Camp

In 2007, I was made aware of the existence of human trafficking. It was a 12 minute conversation. It was one of those that I can remember all the circumstances – what I was doing, what my initial thoughts were and the jaw dropping reality that would cause me to shift my entire life just … Read More

Join Us At Idea Camp

This blog excerpt is taken from Dan’s Blog at DanPortnoy.com In addition to the “Augmenting Your Story With Video” workshop being facilitated by Dan, many of our friends will be represented. Including Tim Grahl from Out:Think Group, Justin, Justin and Won from Abandon Films and Brent Gudgel and Dave Mahanes from Chronicle Project. It’s just … Read More