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PMG joins the Road Trip


This past week Mark Horvath, jumped in his car (courtesy of Ford) and is hitting the road this summer to capture and share stories of the homeless. Formerly homeless himself, Mark brings personal experience and compassion as he aims to bring understanding and knowledge to the growing homeless crisis. He will visit 25 cities across the nation including rural areas, larger cities, shelters and youth facilities. Mark has been creating enough waves in the LA and National markets that the Los Angeles Times recently published this article about him on Sunday.


Portnoy Media Group, under the moniker of The Drop, is joining Mark in sponsoring his trip. “I personally love what Mark is doing and it’s really taking the issue of homelessness to the people.” says Dan Portnoy “In this time of economic hardship, it’s important for me to be reminded of the situations of others and be part of the solution” The Drop has recently relaunched and is working to unite a growing group of entertainment enthusiasts who also care about changing the world.

Please join us and check out the stories that Mark Horvath is telling, these raw snapshots of life on the street don’t get any more real.


Please watch a few and join with us by donating to the cause.

The Drop joins other national companies like Ford Motor Company (that have donated a Ford Flex for his travel), Whrrl, Hanes, The Idea Camp, Big Finish Media, Holy Cow Creative, Pitch Engine,, Union Rescue Mission, The Dream Center, New Hope and Lord, Save us from your Followers.


Portnoy Media Group uses the influence of social networks to expand your organization's voice and tell your story. We connect people with your mission and enable your brand to be shared, discovered, and connected. Work with us as we empower your organization to dramatically extend your online presence and increase donations.

The Drop On Share This

About a month ago we made a significant switch on THE DROP website. The adjustment came as a way to incorporate the multitude of ways that users would interact with the website. We had been using a social plug-in and it really started out working amazing. Last month I was introduced to ShareThis and I found that the plug-in was easy to use and that it actually gave the user more options to pass around the info and would be crucial in the interaction of social media to the site. The user would then be able to add or share the posts via their Myspace or Facebook but could also email them to friends if they so chose. A little while back The Drop was featured on the ShareThis site. We got sandwiched between infertility and obscure movies – I don’t think it’s a bad start.

I also had a chance to join their Publishers Group on Facebook. What I loved about this was that I then could put faces with the code writers and other bloggers/new media types who were employing the same pieces and any additional strategy that they may have. ShareThis has just been named one of the Top 20 plugins to have on WordPress and I highly recommend it.

THE DROP Featured at Radio Magazine

Radio Magazine Radio Magazine sat down with Dan Portnoy about a month ago to get the skinny on Radio options in the digital age. (more…)


We’ve Moved!!!

It’s March Already! So much happened in the month of February that it’s thrown off our space/time continuum. We relocated to Sunny Southern California to better work with some clients. And heres the updated address:

556 S. Fair Oaks Avenue, Suite. 101 #318
Pasadena, CA. 91101
ph. 434.426.8523

The dust is still settling and as the shelves get filled with our vast collection of Precious Moments Dolls we plan on rocking the southern California business community with New Media Expertise


Redesign and Refocus

The New look of THE DROPThis week THE DROP received a full redesign to more of a magazine layout. After a lot of thinking about how our readers were interacting with the site, one thing was painfully obvious:

There was too much content for readers to grab in any orderly fashion. (more…)


May this post be safe from tigers.

Myk Porter (guitarist/vocalist of Brandtson) has been taking of advantage of the bands time off. He has come up with a few alternative experimental tracks for your listening pleasure under the moniker May This House Be Safe From Tigers. Turn off the lights and check out the music its better in the dark.
Also in stores tomorrow:
Cartel ” self-titled [Epic] (find out what they really accomplished in the bubble)
Rilo Kiley ” Under The Blacklight [Warner Brothers] (indie/disco/alternative?)
and it’s my friend Casey’s birthday tomorrow, wish him a happy one.


Business Is Good

My first order of business is Fountains of Wayne. Like Bruce Willis in Die Hard, these guys are back with a vengeance. If you read that last sentence and it evokes a humdrum “blah blah blah,” I’ve been there with you. However, if you’ve got any soul to your music tastes, you will take my vehemence of passion and see for yourself the goodness these guys possess in their latest record, Traffic and Weather. Don’t be one of the countless paltry listeners who dub these guys the “Stacy’s Mom band” and write them off as a one-hit wonder. Trust me. With songs like the title track, “Fire In The Canyon,” “Yolanda Hayes,” and the balladry of, “I-95,” you’ve got powerpop at its finest. Skip the foreplay of their myspace, and just buy the record here. Here’s to these guys sticking around for the long haul.
Second order of business. Go read Coury’s last post and show him some honor and support by checking out, A Fine Frenzy. Only $7.99 on Itunes right now!!! No explanation needed.


Fresh Pick’ins

Like our own Mr. Benson, I too have a soft spot for female vocalist. The last week, I can’t seem to pull away from a melancholy little ditty by the name of “Near to You”. This achingly beautiful ballad can be found on A Fine Frenzy’s debut album, “One Cell In the Sea”. Buried towards the end of this piano pop odyssey, “Near” is a standout and is quickly becoming an itunes favorite. Check it out.

You might not know John Paul White yet but you soon will. Last year the world got a small taste of his haunting acoustic sound on the OC compilation, “Covering Our Tracks”. His cover of ELO’s “Can’t Get It Out of My Head” is an intimate slow burn that makes you long for an entire album of similar treatments. Available on itunes.


This Week On THE DROP – 8/13/07

I’ve been on hiatus finalizing plans on The Great American Road Trip – here’s this weeks playlist
Oh John – Jeremy Enigk
Distant Street Lights – Codes in Clouds
Section 29 (Light to Follow) – The Polyphonic Spree
Penny On A Train Track – Ben Kweller
You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb – Spoon
You Don’t Know Her Name – Maps
I Believe – Abra Moore
Boundaries – Kyte
Big Day – Tahiti 80
When Did Your Heart Go Missing – Rooney
Samson – Regina Spektor
Girls Who Play Guitars – Maximo Park
Rest My Chemistry – Interpol


Josh Rouse – Country Mouse, City House

This weeks episode features international troubadour, Josh Rouse. Dan talks with Josh about the latest album, Country Mouse, City House, his thoughts on world music and how you can get a hold of Josh’s latest recommendations through his Bedroom Classics. Download it today.

Download Josh Rouse – Country Mouse, City House