Michael Jr Launches “O1”

August 16, 2011By Dan PortnoyBlog, Film, New Media, Social Media

O1 – watch more funny videos A prequel to the Ocean’s franchise – Michael Jr shows what it looks like before Danny Ocean was involved. As a continuation in his series of cinematic shorts like Blackberry, “O1” takes it to the next level of funny. Portnoy Media produced the video, coordinated the shoot and brought … Read More

The Latest from The Drop – Lady Danville

July 22, 2011By Dan PortnoyBlog, New Media, Podcast, THE DROP

This week it’s for the LULZ!! Join Tiffany as she catches up with Bay Area three piece, Lady Danville. They talk about touring, being high maintenance and solidarity. The episode includes the track “Kids” an MGMT cover – download it today! Lady Danville’s Website Subscribe to the podcast

That Latest from The Drop features Andy Grammer

June 9, 2011By Dan PortnoyBlog, New Media, Production, THE DROP

Hussah!! This week we’re pushing the headline of “Local Guy Made Good” and that’s the story with Andy Grammer. You’ve probably heard his song on the radio and this week Tiffany catches up with Andy and talk about his upcoming release (6/14), high school life and songs for his mom. The episode includes the track … Read More

Beware Online “filter bubbles”

May 16, 2011By Dan PortnoyBlog, New Media, Social Media

Make sure you’re balancing your information vegetables with information dessert From TED: As web companies strive to tailor their services (including news and search results) to our personal tastes, there’s a dangerous unintended consequence: We get trapped in a “filter bubble” and don’t get exposed to information that could challenge or broaden our worldview. Eli … Read More

The National Alliance to End Family Homelessness Conference – Part 1

February 11, 2011By Dan PortnoyBlog, Case Studies, New Media, Non Profits

In a few hours I’m sharing the stage with Mark Horvath (@Hardlynormal) to talk with homeless service agencies in attendance about how new/social media tools are at their disposal for greater connectivity, greater awareness and greater fundraising. Mark has had HUGE success in rallying support to his cause of InvisiblePeople.tv It’s raw, real and unedited. … Read More

Union Rescue Mission Receives Honor From Association of Fundraising Professionals

November 10, 2010By Dan PortnoyBlog, New Media, Non Profits, Social Media

Los Angeles – The Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals held their National Philanthropy Day Awards yesterday at the Beverly Hilton.  Hosted by Leeza Gibbons, these awards highlighted the best in LA for philanthropy. From the LA Chapter AFP Website: National Philanthropy Day® (NPD) is one day set aside each year … Read More

Deidox Launches Pii Chui

October 1, 2010By Dan PortnoyBlog, Film, New Media, Production

The latest film from Deidox released today, the second international film in the series. The short film is the true story of a Burmese refugee now living in Thailand who finds a strength that only comes from God. Producer Dave Mahanes and Director Brent Gudgel have teamed up for the 7th installment in the Deidox series. … Read More

What the Frebby?

September 13, 2010By Dan PortnoyBlog, Events, New Media, Social Media, Web Design

A dear friend recently asked me to do the honor of being a judge at the Frebby Awards. Funny name?  Yes.  Valuable?  Also yes.  So, just what are the Frebby Awards?  The Frebbies are the product of Paprika Studios, and are designed to recognize the “Best of” the web in Fresno, CA.  Broken down into … Read More

How Great Leaders Inspire Action

May 20, 2010By Dan PortnoyBlog, New Media

Thanks to my friend, Ryan Sisson (website), for posting this fantastic talk from Simon Sinek via facebook. Please take the 18 minutes and check out this talk: I’ve never heard of Simon Sinek before but I’ve come to trust the crew picking speakers at TED to be on top of their game. Personally I found … Read More