United Way Celebrates Veterans

November 15, 2012By Dan PortnoyBlog, Events, In Person, New Media, Non Profits, Non-profit Narrative, Story

This past weekend Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and other city officials hosted the 1st Annual Veterans Appreciation Day. United Way of Greater Los Angeles was on hand to celebrate veterans and launch their report and action plan to support 25,000 veterans returning from service. “United Way has set a goal to cut post-9/11 veteran unemployment in … Read More

Post SXSW Wrap Up

April 4, 2011By Dan PortnoyBlog, Events, Non Profits, Social Media

It’s very obvious to me that I’m getting old. The annual trek to Austin is something that I’m beginning to have a love/hate relationship with. Great people and great info make the time there really worth attending and it would seem that each year the brands are getting smarter and smarter to court the influence … Read More

Gearing up for South by Southwest (SXSW)

March 11, 2011By Dan PortnoyBlog, Events, Social Media

Packing up gear and heading to Austin, TX for a weekend of tech, film and general brilliance. I’m really excited to hear from leading pros around the web about what’s coming up, what’s working, how engagement is happening and general stories of connectedness. Last year was definitely an adventure and this year will be no … Read More

Ideation Conference 2011

January 21, 2011By Dan PortnoyBlog, Events, In Person

This March I’m joining up with a phenomenal bunch of nonprofit leaders, CEO and supporters for The Ideation Conference.  The Ideation Conference is the next step for Idea Campers, the attitude of sharing and improvement is the same but the conference itself steps it up a bit. This years lineup features a gathering of leaders … Read More

Why I’m Sponsoring The Idea Camp

September 24, 2010By Dan PortnoyBlog, Events, In Person

In 2007, I was made aware of the existence of human trafficking. It was a 12 minute conversation. It was one of those that I can remember all the circumstances – what I was doing, what my initial thoughts were and the jaw dropping reality that would cause me to shift my entire life just … Read More

What the Frebby?

September 13, 2010By Dan PortnoyBlog, Events, New Media, Social Media, Web Design

A dear friend recently asked me to do the honor of being a judge at the Frebby Awards. Funny name?  Yes.  Valuable?  Also yes.  So, just what are the Frebby Awards?  The Frebbies are the product of Paprika Studios, and are designed to recognize the “Best of” the web in Fresno, CA.  Broken down into … Read More

The Hardly Normal Cup of Coffee

March 11, 2010By Dan PortnoyBlog, Events, New Media, Non Profits

Join Social Media maven Mark Horvath (@hardlynormal) for your morning cuppa at South by Southwest in Austin, TX. (SXSW) Each morning Mark will chat about using Social Media for Social Good with a panel of genius communicators in the world of tech and non-profit. His guests have each set the standard for “now communication” within … Read More