About Abandon Films

October 29, 2006By Dan PortnoyContributing Sites

I asked the gents in Abandon Films for a synopsis on who they are and what they do. So they gave me this:
Abandon Films began with movie parodies and light sabers, and has since grown into a network of skilled filmmakers with a vision to go far beyond conventional entertainment. The indi-production company was […]

Getting To Know The Travelers – Part 1

October 29, 2006By Dan PortnoyContributing Sites

Justin Snyder
With a laptop in one hand and a hot drink in the other, Justin Snyder can be found haunting local coffee shops and bookstores persuing the next big idea. Justin holds a degree in advertising with an emphasis in new media. He has experience writing, editing, and producing for documentary, short form, and promotional […]

The Trusty Steed

October 13, 2006By Dan PortnoyContributing Sites

The Lone Ranger had Silver and Micheal Knight had K.I.T.T. but when it came to thinking about what we would ride in there was a big debate brewing between me and the fellas.
The first thought was to get a rental car from one of the majors, like a big SUV and travel in style.  After […]

First Project Announced

September 30, 2006By dan.portnoyContributing Sites

The ink isn’t yet dry on the treatment but the first major endeavor of Superhero Pictures is The Great American Road Trip.  Check it out here.  It’s part documentary, part parody but all conveying the essence of the human spirit.  Check back for updates.