Help, I need your feedback!

June 2, 2014By Dan PortnoyBlog

Over the next few months, I’m launching a few different projects and I’d like to get some feedback on what you’ve thought of previous work.  Would you help me out by taking 30 seconds to fill this out? Thanks!  

Seth Godin in conversation with Debbie Millman

May 20, 2014By Dan PortnoyBlog, Featured, Non Profits

“Don’t try to change the structure of the outside world [hoping that] then you’ll be fine, then you’ll be creative and then you’ll be brave. No. First, figure out how to be creative and brave and courageous, and the outside world will change on your behalf…” Creativity, creation of art and dancing with fear/”The Resistance” … Read More

What part of Relationship Management is this?

April 15, 2014By Dan PortnoyBlog, Consulting, Non Profits, Non-profit Narrative, Story, Tell Your Story

I’ve never understood certain tactics from agencies. They boast and brag about building a brand and continuing customer relationships but it feels like snake oil tactics. Why would you associate your brand with friendly extortion and a negative experience? You can tell a better story than this but it takes a little bit of forethought and … Read More

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April 8, 2014By Dan PortnoyBlog, Featured

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At Sea Events!

March 25, 2014By Dan PortnoyBlog, Featured, Film

In February, we partnered with Pastor, Author and Songwriter, Justin McRoberts on the debut of At Sea. In the video, Justin shares what At Sea is all about. Their next event, An Evening With Pixar’s Arik Ehle. Arik as an illustrator for Pixar and has worked on films like Up, The Incredibles and WALL*E – Join … Read More