Leap First

August 13, 2015By Dan PortnoyBlog, Creativity, Featured, Story

  There is a part of my work that’s heartbreaking. Slaving over an idea that will bring salvation is hard. Confronting a problem that a client is facing can be brutal. Then, finally seeing the green grass and having the plan shot down for a million different possibilities. Saying yes to something new is hard. It’s scary, there’s … Read More

Staying Sharp As A Creative

August 9, 2015By Dan PortnoyBlog, Creativity, Featured, Story

Christoph Niemann is an author, illustrator and artist. In this talk for 99U (are you sensing the trend?), he talks about the 3 fears that plague every person that counts on their creativity for a paycheck. Yes, those fears run through my brain but I find that staying focused, not playing the comparison game, and … Read More

Meet The Villain

August 6, 2015By Dan PortnoyBlog, Featured, Story, Tell Your Story

Gangsters, monsters, bullies, psychopaths, or some blending of them all. I think villains make a story. The better the villain, the better the story. So don’t worry if you’re up against a terrible foe and circumstances are dire, you’ve got the best story going. Who’s your favorite?

Save Us Batkid!

May 21, 2015By Dan PortnoyBlog, Featured, Film

This is just one possibility for a non-profit willing to highlight the work they do. I know, you’re thinking, “What non-profit wouldn’t do this?” Answer: most of them. It’s hard for nonprofits to get out of their own way. Make-A-Wish Foundation was not one of them. I’m sure there were discussions and lots of back … Read More

Connecting Scenes, Connecting Story

April 26, 2015By Dan PortnoyBlog

I love this piece from Tony Zhou as he explains the difference in lists to connecting scenes and parts of stories…. Meanwhile back at the ranch….. Don’t forget to use this to connect scenes and action. Therefore: How other characters will react to that fact. It could be positive or negative. But: Implies a change … Read More

Stefan Sagmeister: The power of time off

April 21, 2015By Dan PortnoyBlog

I started my morning with this TED talk, thought you’d want to hear it too.   Sidenote: New podcast episode from CJ Casciotta and Sounds like a Movement. It’s an interview with Elle Luna and it’s what got me on the path to watch Stefan’s talk this morning. Check it out here.

Setting Creative Goals in 2015

January 22, 2015By Dan PortnoyBlog, Consulting, Featured, Story

At the end of 2013, I realized I wasn’t producing enough. As a result I wasn’t thrilled with my creativity for the year. I get the most satisfaction from creating and then sharing. Instead I spent 2013 doing a lot of things that brought little satisfaction, so I knew that had to change. People set goals, … Read More