What They’re Saying About Sunflower by The Weepies

September 26, 2015By Dan PortnoyBlog, Featured, Film, Music Video, Production

  Kerry Maid – Gorgeous stuff lads, delighted ye are back after such a tough time xxx David Emerson – heart heart heart! Lyla Rivers – Beautiful Erin Tierney – Amazing video for a beautiful song. Thanks for sharing your journey and your gorgeous smiles with us. Hector Astete – Loved it Susan Bennet – This is so beautiful, I love to see your smiles. Craig Hlas – Beautiful, … Read More

Sunflower by The Weepies

September 24, 2015By Dan PortnoyBlog, Featured, Film, Music Video, Production

I’m so thrilled to finally share this music video with you. The latest music video from The Weepies is SUNFLOWER from the SIRENS album. SUNFLOWER features the breakneck pace of release day at not one, but TWO iconic LA music institutions in Amoeba Music Hollywood and The Hotel Cafe. The whole video was shot documentary style … Read More

Leap First

August 13, 2015By Dan PortnoyBlog, Creativity, Featured, Story

  There is a part of my work that’s heartbreaking. Slaving over an idea that will bring salvation is hard. Confronting a problem that a client is facing can be brutal. Then, finally seeing the green grass and having the plan shot down for a million different possibilities. Saying yes to something new is hard. It’s scary, there’s … Read More

Staying Sharp As A Creative

August 9, 2015By Dan PortnoyBlog, Creativity, Featured, Story

Christoph Niemann is an author, illustrator and artist. In this talk for 99U (are you sensing the trend?), he talks about the 3 fears that plague every person that counts on their creativity for a paycheck. Yes, those fears run through my brain but I find that staying focused, not playing the comparison game, and … Read More

Meet The Villain

August 6, 2015By Dan PortnoyBlog, Featured, Story, Tell Your Story

Gangsters, monsters, bullies, psychopaths, or some blending of them all. I think villains make a story. The better the villain, the better the story. So don’t worry if you’re up against a terrible foe and circumstances are dire, you’ve got the best story going. Who’s your favorite?