Friday Short – The Gift

February 12, 2016By Dan PortnoyBlog, Inspiration, Short Film

  Editor’s Note: This will be the first post in a new series highlighting great short form storytelling.  I really like this short film from the guys at Big Lazy Robot. This piece was created a few years back for a series of shorts for Phillips. Great use of McGuffin or Mystery Box – quite … Read More

2015 Movie List

January 7, 2016By Dan PortnoyBlog, Film

This is Part 2 of 2. Read part 1 here. In 2015 I watched a lot of movies. If everything is a remix, it’s important to know what’s come before you. Now to give you some backstory, I’ve always watched a lot of movies. I’ve seen almost every Action/Adventure movie ever released. Netflix is usually … Read More

2015 Reading List

December 31, 2015By Dan PortnoyBlog, Featured, Story

This post is part one of two. At the end of 2013, I challenged myself to ship something each week. Some project: a client piece, short film, short story, book… whatever. It could be anything as long as I put it out into the world each week. My strategy would be that at the end … Read More

NaNoWriMo 2015

October 13, 2015By Dan PortnoyBlog, Featured, Writing

Many times when I’m talking with someone and they find out I’m an author. There’s usually a statement like, “I’d like to write a book one day.” I know that for many years, I felt the same way. I knew there was a book inside me, I just needed to sit down and write it. … Read More

The Love Of God | Terry

October 6, 2015By Dan PortnoyBlog, Featured, Film, Story

My experience is that with issues of faith, they are not easily handled. One of the big ways that Christians often relate to God is as a father. The Bible often refers to God that way but for some, the idea of relating to God in a fatherly way can be incredibly divisive. Divorce and abuse are … Read More

What They’re Saying About Sunflower by The Weepies

September 26, 2015By Dan PortnoyBlog, Featured, Film, Music Video, Production

  Kerry Maid – Gorgeous stuff lads, delighted ye are back after such a tough time xxx David Emerson – heart heart heart! Lyla Rivers – Beautiful Erin Tierney – Amazing video for a beautiful song. Thanks for sharing your journey and your gorgeous smiles with us. Hector Astete – Loved it Susan Bennet – This is so beautiful, I love to see your smiles. Craig Hlas – Beautiful, … Read More

Sunflower by The Weepies

September 24, 2015By Dan PortnoyBlog, Featured, Film, Music Video, Production

I’m so thrilled to finally share this music video with you. The latest music video from The Weepies is SUNFLOWER from the SIRENS album. SUNFLOWER features the breakneck pace of release day at not one, but TWO iconic LA music institutions in Amoeba Music Hollywood and The Hotel Cafe. The whole video was shot documentary style … Read More