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NaNoWriMo 2015


Many times when I’m talking with someone and they find out I’m an author. There’s usually a statement like, “I’d like to write a book one day.” I know that for many years, I felt the same way. I knew there was a book inside me, I just needed to sit down and write it.

Welp, I found out the date of “one day” and it’s Nov 1, 2015. I’d love it if you’d join me.

I’ve been a NaNo (it’s a nice word we use for each other) for 2 years now and it’s a HUGE boost in my writing time.

Here’s a few ways it’s helped me:

  • Lots of encouragement – this is the single biggest help to my writing life. Plus, it helps write the ship. (See what I did there?)
  • Strategy from authors that have been in the trenches before.
  • There’s an event nearly every day. Get out of your place and travel to daily meet ups. Plus, free coffee (sometimes).
  • Meet new friends
  • So many writers, so many writers.

So what should you do?

Head over to and create a profile, set up your novel and get to prepping. ink about what you’ll write, make an outline.

50K words in November – you can do it!!

Last thing, next Monday (Oct 19th) we’re prepping and outlining for November. Shoot me and email if you want to join us.




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The Love Of God | Terry


My experience is that with issues of faith, they are not easily handled.

One of the big ways that Christians often relate to God is as a father. The Bible often refers to God that way but for some, the idea of relating to God in a fatherly way can be incredibly divisive. Divorce and abuse are just a couple of connotations that have to be unpacked.


This video was made as part of an ongoing series created for Mercy Town Church called The Love of God.




Kerry Maid – Gorgeous stuff lads, delighted ye are back after such a tough time xxx

David Emerson – heart heart heart!

Lyla Rivers – Beautiful

Erin Tierney – Amazing video for a beautiful song. Thanks for sharing your journey and your gorgeous smiles with us.

Hector Astete – Loved it

Susan Bennet – This is so beautiful, I love to see your smiles.
Craig Hlas – Beautiful, sweet song. Lovely video.

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Let me know what you think!




Sunflower by The Weepies


I’m so thrilled to finally share this music video with you.

The latest music video from The Weepies is SUNFLOWER from the SIRENS album. SUNFLOWER features the breakneck pace of release day at not one, but TWO iconic LA music institutions in Amoeba Music Hollywood and The Hotel Cafe. The whole video was shot documentary style in just over four hours. It’s a whirlwind, but the video captures the love that The Weepies have for their fans, their music and each other. 


When I found out that I’d have the chance to film at not only Amoeba Music in Hollywood and The Hotel Cafe in just 4 hours – I almost lost my mind. Both places are music institutions. To have one as a featured location for a music video would be great – but to have both of them with unfettered access?!?! Incredible!

I’ve been a fan of the Weepies since picking up a bootleg from a show in Ohio on (Live at Butternut Ridge House, go download it) and I was  tickled to have the opportunity to shadow Deb and Steve for their big return to Los Angeles.

The project would’ve never happened without the talent and the kindness of Nate Harrison and Dan Long. I can’t say enough about Nate’s cinematography skill and ability to be at the right place at the right time for key moments. And Dan pulled double duty, both filming on the day of and editing the piece together. You should hire them.

Massive thanks to Amoeba Music (buy your music there), The Hotel Cafe (make sure you catch a show there soon), Deb and Steve of The Weepies and Nettwerk music.



Stills from “Sunflower” by The Weepies


The video launches on Thursday 9/24! Can’t wait to share it with you!

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Recent Work – The Love of God Trailer



This summer I’ve been working on several projects that will be coming to light in the next few months. The Love of God Series is a group of six shorts featuring friends in our faith community (Mercy Town) telling their story. The part I like the most in this project is the vulnerability shown by our main characters.

It’s not easy to say coherent things on camera but to share struggles and not know who will be watching, that’s admirable.

The series comes out in just a few weeks. Until then, enjoy the trailer.



“Sunflower” Music Video Teaser


Filmmaker #DanPortnoy caught #TheWeepies on #SIRENS release day in Hollywood -here’s a sneak peek!

A video posted by The Weepies (@theweepies) on


Leap First



There is a part of my work that’s heartbreaking. Slaving over an idea that will bring salvation is hard. Confronting a problem that a client is facing can be brutal. Then, finally seeing the green grass and having the plan shot down for a million different possibilities.

Saying yes to something new is hard.

It’s scary, there’s risk, and the average corporation is programed to minimize bumps/risk/anything against the status quo.

It’s normal, heartbreaking and ok.

For these reasons, I really appreciated Leap First by Seth Godin. It’s a quick listen at just over 2 hours and perfect for the morning walk that wakes my creative brain.

Making art or to risk in a creative endeavor is crucial and Seth’s talk was a great reminder to risk, often and in big ways.

My past successes have come through disruptive communication with organizations that had their backs against the wall. They came out swinging and the rest is history. It takes courage to create in the face of adversity and this talk was just the prompt I needed last week.

Grab it on Audible.





Staying Sharp As A Creative


Christoph Niemann is an author, illustrator and artist. In this talk for 99U (are you sensing the trend?), he talks about the 3 fears that plague every person that counts on their creativity for a paycheck.

Yes, those fears run through my brain but I find that staying focused, not playing the comparison game, and making sure I’m overwhelmed with projects helps a lot.

I’m struck by the 20% rule – spend 20% of your time on something experimental and basically play around.

This is a great way to work out ideas and conduct your own R&D lab. The times when I’m giving myself the chance to play pretty regularly, great things happen. It polishes old skills and develops new ones – plus it helps looking at thing differently, as Christoph shows in this talk.

Check out Christoph’s Instagram or Twitter



Meet The Villain

Gangsters, monsters, bullies, psychopaths, or some blending of them all.

I think villains make a story. The better the villain, the better the story.

So don’t worry if you’re up against a terrible foe and circumstances are dire, you’ve got the best story going.

Who’s your favorite?