The Non Profit Narrative, How Telling Stories Can Change the World

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10,000 Copies!

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The Non Profit Narrative, How Telling Stories Can Change The World

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The book from Portnoy Media Group chief storyteller Dan Portnoy shows how non-profits thrive by telling great stories.

  • Learn what it takes to communicate a narrative in the digital space that gets results.
  • Acquire and cultivate your audience at the same time.
  • Further your organization’s communication with engagement, connection and more donors.

The reviews are in about The Non-Profit Narrative

“Whether you download this book onto your e-reader or flip through the pages of the paperback version, this is a great read for anyone in the nonprofit sector.” – John Hoffman, Non-Profit Quarterly.

“’The Nonprofit Narrative: How Stories Can Save the World’ is the go to resource for both start-up and established non-profits looking to better tell their stories.” -Brian F. Martin, Founder/Chairman, Brand Connections.

“If you work for a nonprofit or are on the board of a nonprofit, buy this book.” – Ken Mueller, Inkling Media

“Solid social philosophy without being heady followed by challenging but doable next steps and suggestions.” – Justin McRoberts, Writer/Musician

“Your book falls into a category that has a short list of books that made me want to get up, change the world & dive into everything I’m passionate about.” Tanya Gayle Velardo

“This book tells a story that no other book on non-profits, NGOs and ministries provides.” – Jay Friesen, Filmmaker

“Your book opened my eyes to the importance of things like building campaigns and tracking performance.” – Lisa Langford, Writer

“Dan gives easy-to-read and easy-to-understand thoughts on developing your non-profit (or even personal) story, finding your audience and telling your story via the appropriate channels (website, social media, blogs).” – Jackie Chapman, Writer

This is a fantastic book for non-profits and for-profits alike…storytelling is the best to connect with your supporters and customers and Dan’s book offers a simple, step to step guide on how to achieve storytelling success. I highly recommend it. – Kat Krieger, Producer, Brand Fast-Trackers & Brand Causes podcasts.

“Being a storyteller, I appreciated Dan’s call for more stories in nonprofits. Whether you’re struggling or succeeding in your start-up, or you’ve been around for awhile and know a thing or two about gaining notoriety as a nonprofit, this book reminds us all that at the core what really matters is story – the good and bad, the not so pretty and the unbelievable. The public wants to know, and Dan will show you how to tell them.” – Elora Nicole, Author

“As the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) recently celebrated it’s 50th anniversary, The Non-Profit Narrative was right on time. It contains some extremely valuable and relevant principles that will help this activity & Federal employees share their story of changing the world and reach even greater fundraising heights over the next 50 years. Thanks Dan. This was truly an amazing piece of work.” – Demetrius Stevenson, Director CFC, United Way of Greater Los Angeles