Check out this FRESH idea from Jeremy Cowart.

I’ve known Jeremy since the late 90’s and since then, he consistently pushes boundaries. Sometimes effortlessly, or so it seems. His latest idea is a hotel that personalizes poverty and invites the person staying to be aware and impact multiple causes with something that they’d normally spend money on anyway – like staying in a hotel. I really love the idea and how he’s executed the fundraising campaign.

Here’s why this works

Great video

  • He leads with a story, then gets to the point.
  • He leaves room for the individual.
  • He suggests a giving level.
  • It’s a fully formed idea. Jeremy can show how your money as a backer would be used plus the look and feel are sussed out.
  • The perks. They’re great. Jeremy is already starting the collaboration that he describes in the video by working with friends (Like Caitlin Crosby from The Giving Keys)


THIS IS THE BALLGAME – Jeremy has a history of creating experiential solutions. (Check out Help Portrait) This couldn’t be more of a win/win.  People on the ground actually doing something to help people (read: cash investment) and make an impact immediately. The second part is that the user/individual is also left changed. As a result, they personally have a story – and stories spread – to make an impact in the future and change the trajectory.

As of now, The Purpose Hotel has raised over $50,000 in just a few hours and is aiming for a goal of 2Million. It’s audacious but well thought out and I backed it this morning. I hope you will too.

The Purpose Hotel on Kickstarter

The Purpose Hotel on Twitter