WOW! Writer/Director Paul Trillo hits a home run with this short. An average day in the life of the inner monologue.


Following behind the back of a paranoid, neurotic man named Terry as he wanders through the streets of Manhattan. Past memories and his irrational inner thoughts soon plague his every move. By channeling a form of mental time travel, he attempts to overcome these past anxieties.

Director / Writer / Editor – Paul Trillo
Producer / Editor – Jason Smith
Executive Producer – Corwin Carroll
Production Company – Big Block
Director of Photography – Ed David
AC / Grip – John Larson
Sound – Jared Arnold
PA – Reed Penney
PA – Ian Herman
Casting Director – Olivia Lloyd
Wardrobe Manager – Angelique Pesce
Production Designer – Ben Stange
Composer – John Morgan
Sound Design – Gisela Fulla-Silvestre
Title Design – Shyama Golden






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