Tonights’ Super Bowl was a lot of fun to watch.. As long as you’re not a Broncos fan. Sorry, Peyton.

Here’s a look at my play by play during the game and what I think were the commercials to comment on. What was your favorite?

Big Winners:

  • Chevy – Cancer Week Partnership.
  • Toyota – Muppet Highlander.
  • Oikos – Full House Reunion FTW.
  • Jaguar – English baddies walk us through the paces of fun.
  • Pistachios – Stephen Colbert is a National Treasure!
  • Budweiser – Puppy Adoption couldn’t be cuter.
  • Coke – Apparently it’s controversial but in L.A. Hearing multiple languages is just part of the day.
  • Microsoft – Technology helping people + robot kid legs.
  • esurance – Technically not in the SuperBowl but what a way to go (John Krazinski and a Million bucks!)
  • (RED)/U2/Bank of America – Get a song for FREE and make the world better.
  • TurboTax – An idea that could’ve been used for any company, is funny and offbeat.
  • GoPro – falling from space. FROM SPACE!
  • T-Mobile – Tebow and self deprecating humor = wow.

Big Losers:

  • Soda Stream – no controversy at all, just hype.
  • RadioShack – An update is important, still not sure I ever need to go there.
  • Sonos – So boring and it wasn’t anything new.
  • Chevy – Bull Romance just isn’t cutting it.
  • Go Daddy – spray tans?!?! Really?!?!?
  • Chrysler – Self Indulgent Propaganda doesn’t work. #murica
  • M&M’s – it’s was ok, but they’ve been so amazing in the past.
  • GoDaddy – Quit her job…. ok?
  • Beats Music – Ellen was great, everything else… meh.
  • CarMax – Slow Clap.. Le sigh
  • Time Warner – Put enough stars in the spot so people will forget that we are terrible. (LA Customers lost the game for an hour)
  • Butterfinger – I’m not supposed to feel uncomfortable when I think of your product.

Still Deciding

  • Goldie Box – Repurposing another song, hopefully they’ve got the legal rights this time (See Beastie Boys Commercial)
  • Smart Car – Is shame a good tactic? Maybe?
  • H&M David Beckham – Well known star in a precarious position. This is about underwear?
  • Ford Fusion – Rob Riggle and James Franco come with explosions. Funny but not memorable.
  • Heinz – Happy and you know it and Grandma farts….
  • Bud Light – Lots of pomp for the Jersey Shore set. Not sure fit that’s good or just so well aimed at the right demo it’s lost on me.
  • Jeep – Restless ad leaves me wondering if they’re selling jeans for Levi’s
  • Audi – Doberhuahua
  • T-Mobile – Simple concept and simple message with simple music… May be too simple.

The Movies

  • Transformers 4 – What a doozy! WIN
  • Spider-Man 2 – Non stop Wow. WIN
  • Muppets 2 – They make fun of the internet. WIN
  • Noah – Explosions and the cradle of civilization apocalypse. WIN

JACK BAUER IS BACK!! (I’m looking forward to it)