What’s Wrong With TED Talks?


Watched this TED talk and it’s got me thinking today. Is it cynicism, skepticism or a healthy dose of not playing nice with others? What do you think?

2 Responses to “What’s Wrong With TED Talks?”

  1. focusing just on technology and just on innovation actually prevents transformation ..demystification … reconceptualization


    I see the innovation bug oversold, as well–even as a person who thrives on this stuff. Possibilities and belief are human traits that we cannot stuff. So, Bratton is only partly correct. Dreams and ideals still matter in motivating people to create culture and solve complex problems. Just because the ideal is not realized, does not negate the ideal as birthing factor in creation and innovation!

  2. JOSH ROBERTS says:

    Hated the talk. Nothing inspirational about it. I think this dude belongs back in the lab, not in a public forum that is staged for creative speakers and ideas. Cynical & skeptical would be good choice words to describe his talk….

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