Editor Note: I find that good stories, no matter where I hear them, can function as inspiration for my next project. From time to time, I like to share a great one so you can share in the joy of the story too.

PBS has really been rolling out the red carpet for some great series lately. The recent Masterpiece Classic of Mr. Selfridge has been full of dynamic characters, social morays and plenty of questions regarding what’s next.

However their latest offering, The Bletchley Circle, is utterly fantastic! A great story of struggling characters. Code breaking ladies of WWII can’t disclose their code breaking skills and are viewed as less than simply because they’re women. Insult of insults! “I’m smart and female so I should get you a sandwich?” But they can’t shut off their talents. In spite of incredible odds, our heroine Susan starts to see a pattern in the recent deaths of several women around London. She reconvenes her old friends to see if they can get to the bottom of this and catch a killer.

I love this series for the intrigue and how the filmmakers talk about the characters. This past week PBS aired a Behind the Scenes featurette about the costume design of the characters. In the short, costume designer Anna Robbins talks about how they removed florals from the entire palette of the series and instead focused on geometric patterns and angular designs to reinforce the analytical mind of the heroine.

There are multiple villains in the series. Not only is a killer on the loose but because of the social conscience of the day, women shouldn’t be worrying about murders and especially about murder victims. Instead a post war Europe encouraged more conventional roles.

I can’t recommend the series enough and the title sequence is full of Enigma machines and other code breaking tools. Again, all angular to show the compartmentalization of the minds of the heroic troupe. Everything that we see on screen is reinforcing the story or the info we’re learning about our characters. Below is the trailer – check it out.

Check out the real world Bletchley Park headquarters




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