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Launched today is a story about Oxfam America’s latest campaign and I’m quoted in the story. A few weeks ago, I talked with Lindsay Hebert about the campaign. In the article I say some pretty strong things about Oxfam.

“I don’t know that this is making people ask questions. They’re telling me a fact, they’re not telling me part of a fact that makes me want to know more. I want to give you enough information that you’re asking questions, that you’re going to get a lean in.”

While I think it’s important to create great creative campaigns I think it’s also important not to throw stones at a bunch of people trying to help solve a world problem – that doesn’t help anything or anyone.

Truth is, I’m quoted correctly but I’d like to clarify or add to the story.

Oxfam’s latest campaign is built on a great premise – Our previous international views need to be edited and here are some examples of progress.

Educating your audience is a complex job. Turning a ship for a new heading or adjusting your course is also a tough, especially when that ship has raised millions and million for international relief.

In my interview, I questioned the use of billboards and how effective they would be to connect with donors and interested parties for the crucial “What’s next?” How would a few statements engage? My hope is that there would be some multi media or a short film. This short could do more in 60 seconds than 100 billboards.

The article really drives home the point of story as the basis for connection. It’s crucial for Non-profits, especially international nonprofits and NGO’s to tap into the common humanity that we share on both sides of the donation. Nonprofits have the best stories to tell and billboards don’t cut it alone. My suggestion would be to use billboards, bus panels and large posters as the first of many steps in a campaign. All of these pieces encouraging people to connect with them online, watch a short film, follow on Twitter, etc.

If you’re in DC, check out the billboards or visit the Oxfam America website and let me know what you think.



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