It’s possible you missed it. It might’ve slipped right under your nose. In between the trouncing of Notre Dame at the hands of Alabama last night- an incredible ad launched.

The ad was for Monsters University – the upcoming prequel to Monsters Inc.


It’s a great melding of buzzworthy content and seamless hat tips and winks to the audience. It’s brilliant!

I had been tricked, hoodwinked even bamboozled! But I wasn’t mad, instead I loved it all the more.

Notice the dynamic, positive message wrapped in fun!

Remember, one of the crucial rules in storytelling is to: Give your audience what they want but not the way they want it.

What are some ways your next campaign can mimic current lines of communication and then reveal a fun surprise?

PS. Check out the photo realistic preview of The Blue Umbrella – The short that open’s in front of Monsters University