It’s a new year and it’s full of possibilities. So I was thinking, we should probably work together. Here’s a few ways:

Better your communication systems.

We work with your team to build a communication continuum that uses your story as the catalyst for engagement. We’ve seen this help with donor conversion and with community cultivation. It also gets all the ships sailing in the same direction and breaks down silos quickly.

Get to the heart of your story.

If you’re having trouble connecting all the dots for your companies/organizations story or you feel like it’s falling flat, give me a shout. I live, breathe and eat story. In short order we can have a dramatic effect on your company.

Creating a campaign to connect.

We’ve got the creative chops to build a campaign that has multiple engagement points for maximum possibilities. We’ll brainstorm on with your team on how to the most good for your brand!

Get some coaching.

Need help putting together your editorial calendar, crafting your messaging or reaching your audience in an engaging and influential manner? Let’s talk it out  – weekly or monthly.


Shoot me an email or give us a call 626.487.9822 and let’s get this party started.

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