It’s December and I’d like to take a moment and recap all that happened this year

2012 started with a bang! We launched The Non-Profit Narrative. On location with Jones Coffee and complete with a photo booth.  And thanks to so many of you, the book has been a real success. Thank you for buying it, talking about it and for your reviews!

This year we continued our work with The United Way of Greater Los Angeles. Last year we worked together to revamp their digital communications and launched a complete rebrand of their website in just 9 days. It wasn’t a lot of sleep but it was a whole lot of good.

First up, we launched a new site for their Home for Good initiative.

This group of business leaders, state officials, faith communities and non-profit partners are moving people off the street and into permanent supportive housing.

We helped to create a video about their first year results and helped recap their conference.

Over the summer it was all about community heroes.

Together, the team from United Way, Double Vision Inc and Portnoy Media Group all worked together to build a profile for a campaign that was dynamic, engaging and a whole lot of fun.

This was a great integration of print and digital, of traditional and new media to create this campaign.

It was incredible to see top executives from LA’s largest corporations getting involved with the campaign and making it their own.

This year we also got to work with Nnamdi Asomugha and created a PSA about the work that he cares about with the children of LA.

We also provided media and the stage production at this years Homewalk. Over 10,000 angelinos raising money for the homeless it was great! With attendees like Mark Valley from Body of Proof and Jon Huertes from Castle – Homewalk was a star studded community event!

We coordinated cameras, created the production visuals and covered the event. Homewalk is a great event that helps a lot of people but it doesn’t hurt when Kobe Bryant is the honorary chairman.

In the late summer and fall we partnered with ArcLight Cinemas, incidentally my favorite place to see a movie in the country and produced the Behind the Curtain Series.

First we met Frank an incredible man who loves film and loves to set the stage for the best possible movie going experience.

Next we met the actual man behind the curtain, the director of projection and sound Mr. John Sittig. His decades of knowledge and work with the Hollywood studios makes him a legend! My jaw dropped more than a few times at the stories he told.

This year ended with a big bang of stellar proportions. We worked with The SETI Institute and were able to spend some time talking with TED prize winner Dr. Jill Tarter. and Founder of the institute Dr. Frank Drake.

We worked together on The Communicate campaign

It was a really full and fun year and I can’t be more thankful for all the challenges and the great people that have helped make all of this amazing work happen.


For everyone here at Portnoy Media, I’m Dan Portnoy  Be safe.