Today is the “Black Friday” of nonprofits. Don’t sweat it if you’re just hearing about it for the first time, it’s fairly new.  The idea is to make charitable giving part of the mad dash to the Christmas shopping finish line.

So I’ve got a few recommendations for you:



This group of scientists are pushing the bounds of discovery nearly every week. From volcanoes on Jupiter’s moon Io to exoplanets – they are bringing the classroom to the street level for incredible access. You may have also heard of Dr. Jill Tarter (2012 TED Prize winner)

Become a SETIStar today –


Servant Works/Breakthrough Thailand

This is such a new program that they don’t even have a logo yet. Breakthrough Thailand is headed up by my good friend and world changer, Cori Wittman. This new initiative is a Thai based, boots-on-the-ground project to give alternatives to kids in rural Thailand.

Give to Servant Works


United Way of Greater Los Angeles

We’ve been working with this team for a little over a year and I’ve seen a lot of the great work that they do. They look at the entire city and fund programs that impact homelessness, education and furthering job skills.

Give to United Way of Greater Los Angeles