Last Thursday at Jones Coffee in Pasadena was ground zero for the best book launch I’ve ever been apart of – incidentally, the only book launch I’ve been a part of.

The roasting of Columbian beans combined with the sounds of lots of laughs filled the air for a fun evening. Lots of great questions on the process of writing a book, who this work is intended for and why release something like this now.

Also present for the evening was the crew at PhotoBoothThing. As you’ll see below we had a good time creating some sequences to tell a story. It was great to see friends clamoring for costumes and using their imaginations to convey a story in a few slides. I’d like to thank every one who came out for the event and for making it such a great time.  Special thanks to Jones Coffee and PhotoBoothThing!







What does this have to do with books or non-profits?? Not too much but fun doesn’t need a qualifier!

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