Mark Zuckerberg launched Timeline to the world at the F8 conference this AM. Timeline is a much more visual bevy of beauty to the current platform and I can’t wait to get my hands on it to start messing around with it.

Some of the new options/features:

  • The “like” button now has the use of verbs
  • Ticker – lightweight stream of everything going on around you.
  • Open Graph – a new class of apps. Like Netflix, Spotify, Nike+ and more!
  • Reimagined Profiled – Comprehensive scrapbooking
  • Questions:

    1. What’s the impact of reports on pages for business and non-profits?
    2. How will Timeline effect monthly Key Performance Indicators? (KPI’s)
    3. Will Pages have the ability to show more personal/transparent orgs/companies who harness media well?
    4. Will security increase?? (That much personal info about families and kids would be terrible in the wrong hands)
    5. What will be the impact of Spotify on businesses like iTunes?

    What I love:
    The repetitive talk of story – it truly is they way we relate to each other.