If you’re new to twitter – here’s a secret: you’re going to screw up.

It’s best to own up to it as fast as possible and I’ve found the Twittering set to be most forgiving. Social media managers are watching multiple accounts and it’s not uncommon to have multiple accounts on a mobile device. – screwing up is bound to happen.

It’s inevitable. And it’s ok.

Taken From The DailyWh.at

Tweet of the Day: So last night, someone at helm of the American Red Cross’s Twitter feed accidentally (drunkenly? Red Cross says no) tweeted this.

It’s since been deleted, natch, but the best part? It resulted in a veritable flood of blood donations. Dogfish Head Brewery made a meme out of the hashtag #gettngslizzerd, asking people to donate. And donate they did: “After I drop off a pint of blood to the @RedCross, I’m replacing it with a pint of @dogfishbeer #gettngslizzerd,”

Bravo to the crew at Dogfish Brewery for being quick witted and incorporating blood donation with their good humor! Creativity wins another one!

Update: And a bigger Bravo to The Red Cross for laughing at themselves here – Way to go!!