The latest film from Deidox released today, the second international film in the series. The short film is the true story of a Burmese refugee now living in Thailand who finds a strength that only comes from God.

Producer Dave Mahanes and Director Brent Gudgel have teamed up for the 7th installment in the Deidox series.  Also rounding out the crew for the film are Chris Sinclair (cinematographer), Jordan Innes (editor), Jeremiah Belt (color correctionist), & Joshua Myers (music composer), and Gade Maxka (Thailand line producer and translator).

Over the last two years the deidox series has been challenging (Li Yang), gritty (Deon), and full of hope (Lindsay).  A study guide and bonus features from behind the scenes are included with each digital download.

The price range is $1.99 (iPod) to $24.99 (HD)

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Another great collaboration of Portnoy Media Group with Out:think Group to make the launch fast and painless.