In 2007, I was made aware of the existence of human trafficking. It was a 12 minute conversation. It was one of those that I can remember all the circumstances – what I was doing, what my initial thoughts were and the jaw dropping reality that would cause me to shift my entire life just 5 months later.

Since the inception of the Idea Camp – I’ve felt it very important to be involved. At previous camps (Irvine, Washington DC) I’ve had the privilege and the pleasure to facilitate workshops, meet incredible people and build strong relationships with many attendees. It’s not hard to rally behind a group of people more interested in solving problems and learning skills with action in mind than another fad. I’m proud that Charles Lee and his team are putting a lot on the line to have conversations and facilitate workshops around the entire porn industry, sex trafficking and Internet safety. If you haven’t seen some of the more recent responses, please check them out to see what I’m talking about.

We’re especially thrilled to be a part of the Idea Camp crowd in just a few short days. Over the past couple years we’ve had the privilege of working with International Justice Mission on the launch of its film “At the End of Slavery” and again blogging about its “5 Weeks for Freedom” this past summer. We’ve also been left so enthralled with the film “Kavi” (8 months prior to the Oscar nomination) that we had to work with Director Gregg Helvey at any cost.

If I were to think about the best place for the PMG brand to show up, my first thought is not the Idea Camp about sex. The “knee jerk” reaction by many in just hearing about this subject matter has been to blast or condemn. This same condemnation could easily affect my company and place the brand in harm’s way.

Truth is, I’ve never wanted to helm an ordinary agency.

My hope is that this Idea Camp is a game changer. I don’t have any doubts about those who will be there (and watching online) – they want to see change and are willing to be the hands and feet to make it happen. I’m fully counting on great networking with many from around the country, sharing laughs and tears that true connection brings.

I hope to see you there!

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