The end of September kicked off with a bang as International Justice Mission’s (IJM) Premiere for their first Documentary – At The End of Slavery. Today kicks of the Weekend to End Slavery and we encourage you to click here and watch Gary Haugen via Livestream at 8PM EST.

At the premiere, Portnoy Media was able to work with IJM to help facilitate a trailer contest that lead up to the premiere event. (See the winners video here)

IJM called upon Portnoy Media over the summer to give some ideas that took advantage of the incredible content and great mission of IJM. We took care of all the details of the event from setting up digital invitations and registrations, coordinating the food and taking care of all the technology to make the event a success. We also worked with IJM’s press core to invite college press agencies to give them unprecedented access for the big night. In attendance were several officials from the State Department, including Ambassador Luis CdeBaca. There’s another post launching soon with the coverage of the event and our approach that the event was the 50% point to this entire movement to end human trafficking. It was an incredible pleasure to work with them and please make sure that you check out Gary Haugen at 8PM EST

Below are the pictures of the event taken by Snaptography, LLC.


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