I had the opportunity to attend the 140 Conference and to hear from media aficionados like Mark Horvath (InvisiblePeople.tv), Renee Hamilton (Mobile Matters, former Operation Smile), Arianna Huffington (Huffington Post), and Tim Kring (creator of Heroes) talk about how they use the power of NOW with information. This bi-annual event, held at The Kodak Theater and hosted by Jeff Pulver, was on par with anything I’ve ever seen from the TED conference. Each presenter had just 10 minutes to talk about how they utilize Twitter and other social media to engage clients, collaborators, and the general public.

Multiple faces of the media were there, from Billy Bush talking about how he interacts with listeners of his radio show to how Access Hollywood engages the buzz around the web as it happens. Also the collective brain children behind Ashton Kutchers challenge to CNN back several months ago talked about how it started, how it played out and what’s coming up in the future.

Check out the video for a better feel of the event.

Also search #140conf on Twitter to see the real time thoughts



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  • Dan-thanks so much for the mention. It is always thrilling to meet people you respect so much-I have loved following and learning from you and truly was happy to connect IRL! I look forward to seeing you again soon!!!

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