Blog Action Day 2008 – Poverty

October 15, 2008By Dan PortnoyBlog, New Media

Blog Action Day is SO GOOD! Poverty is such a big deal and while I haven’t traveled to third world nations that are experiencing mass hunger, I do get to see it on a weekly basis around Los Angeles. When I think of poverty I immediately think of the homeless. In LA we’ve got almost … Read More

Union Rescue Mission’s Embrace of Social Media

August 23, 2008By Dan PortnoyConsulting

I’ve been working with Union Rescue Mission (URM) recently. It’s the countries oldest and largest homeless shelter in the country serving over 20,000 meals to the poor and homeless of Skid Row weekly. The homeless community in LA County is at epidemic proportions with numbers ranging from 70-90,000 and URM and the other missions on … Read More

The Secret to Making Money Online

August 18, 2008By Dan PortnoyBlog

The guys at 37 signals share their knowledge and how to make money online – the funny part is that it really isn’t that different than making money in any business. Warning – it’s PG. The Secret to Making Money Online

New Media Expo Wrap Up

August 18, 2008By Dan PortnoyConsulting, New Media

After 3 days in the Las Vegas desert with blazing sun and heat (which is an understatement), The New Media Expo kicked off in fine style at the Las Vegas Convention Center. While there we got to network with a great crew of fine New Media Professionals. Chance meetings with Steve Frey about how podpress … Read More