With an upcoming performance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Ferraby Lionheart is solidifying his spot as a modern day troubadour. This month Lionherat releases his first major label album (Digitally on August 7th, physically on September 4th) on Nettwerk and to give you a taste they’ve got a special FREE download Ferraby Lionhearts music draws easy comparisons to Richard Swift and Sondre Lerche and it’s worth checking out.
Grab the FREE Download of Ferraby Lionheart’s “Small Planet” here
Track listing for “Catch the Brass Ring”
1. Uno Ballo Della Luna
2. Small Planet
3. Vermont Avenue
4. Call Me The Sea
5. The Car Maker
6. A Bell And Tumble
7. Under The Texas Sky
8. Youngest Frankenstein
9. Before We’re Dead
10. The Octopus and the Ambulance
11. Put Me In Your Play
Grab the self Titled EP on iTunes here

Download Small Planet