The Great American Road Trip

Several weeks ago I hit the road with some friends for an adventure and we filmed the whole thing to see what would happen. This is a trailer for the full feature that will release over the next six weeks. As far as Hollywood is concerned, “ROAD TRIP” goes up against Transformers and Harry Potter – No big deal, right?

The feature will be split up into 5-7 minute shorts and be released “webisodically” (ie, as in video podcast form) and exclusively at

The Cast of Characters
The Trip features some very talented friends of mine:

Tim Grahl – Often referred to as the “Rupert Murdoch” of the mountain bike world. Tim has been leading the way in how the mountain bike industry is covered as a sport and an industry. Several years ago Tim created a network of sites (The Crooked Cog Network) As a way of keeping up with the fast paced world of cycling.

Justin Snyder – As part of Abandon Films he’s the force behind how the film is shaped. Working closely with actors and copy writing, Justin really understands a story. In a very short amount of time, Justin has a few dozen short films and informational shorts under his belt.

Won Novalis – Also as part of Abandon Films, Won is a fierce editor with the uncanny knack of taking countless tapes of footage and the ability to bring a story to life. Through his composition, Won sets the stage to really capture the drama of any scene.

Check out the trailer at Virb