Superhero icturesThe Internet – Picture this: 4 Men, 1 Winnebago and 2,448 miles of seasoned highway. These three together set the stage for a journey of a lifetime on a road filled with history and painted with stories of young and old. There is only one highway that can provide such an adventure and that is “the Mother Road” herself Route 66. The highway has come be known as “the mother road,” which was given that name about 70 years ago by the world renown author John Steinbeck. The road itself gave individuals the opportunity to escape the “dust bowl” and travel where there was a greater chance of successful survival. By the early 50’s tourist attractions started to take there place along side the road of opportunity. The highway has always been a source of economic growth for all of the 8 states that it crosses through.
Before this national highway was constructed all of the existing paved roads ended at the city line, so it revolutionized the idea of traveling. Which is what we like to acknowledge as the birth of “road trips.” The art of road tripping has been lost somewhere in time. Today very few people take the time to get on the road and just drive and see what the nations highways have to offer. It wasn’t always about the destination rather the long rides in the car with the closest of friends. Presently there are only a few daring college students and many bands that dare to explore the open road.
The idea of getting out on the open road and meeting the people who have staked their livelihood on something that may not fit in a nice neat box is exciting. In the 1950’s and 1960’s, entrepreneurs of all kinds traveled to the first road that connected the country and started businesses all along the road. From greasy spoons to unique motels, they grabbed onto life and molded it to make their greatest dreams come true. The goal is to take 4 individuals with unique personalities and travel from Chicago to L.A. on Route 66 in the summer of 2007. The objective is to film the whole project and share the adventures that are made with the world. To talk with business owners and the individuals who have spent their lives along “the Mother Road” will prove to be astounding. Buckle up, Enjoy the ride, and keep checking for updates at

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