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Success starts with a great story. We help companies & non-profits tell theirs online.

Dan is the best at what he does: Taking "old school" marketing types like me and comfortably and effectively introducing us to the "new media". I have had the privilege to be on a podcast with Dan and was amazed when I started getting feedback from friends of mine from around the world!”

— Michael J. Garrison, Vice President, Tech Squared, Inc and Best Selling Author of Truth Or Delusion

“Dan demystifies the storytelling process for nonprofit fundraising in really practical, steps and tools that are easy to digest and apply.”

Janetta Cravens, Vice President of Programs, Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits

“Dan's understanding of the nonprofit landscape has translated into numerous well executed projects for us that have helped raise a ton of money and help numerous organizations reach their goals. He is intense and passionate and will help your organization grow through creative and strategic methods. I highly recommend you talk to him about your next digital initiative.”

— Scott Overpeck - Intersection Creative Strategies

Portnoy Media Group helped us rediscover who we are! Through Dan’s energy, creativity, and ability to view our work from various perspectives, he worked with us to develop a fresh marketing and fundraising strategy for our organization.”

Oasis USA

“"Working with Dan provided clarity and vision to achieve my goals in starting a business. I learned how to find my niche and be unabashed in my calling to inspire others with story."”

Elora Nicole

“Your book falls into a category that has a short list of books that made me want to get up, change the world & dive into everything I'm passionate about.”

— Tanya Gayle Velardo

“My community spent some time with Dan Portnoy reviewing our ministry efforts. That meeting helped us think more strategically, brought a new level of clarity and has helped us to be far more effective in both execution and communication. ”

Justin McRoberts

“Dan Portnoy and The Portnoy Media Group played an instrumental role in Union Rescue Mission's award winning 7 channel campaign to save Hope Gardens.”

— Reverend Andy Bales, CEO Union Rescue Mission

“Dan is a friend to everyone, especially to those in the sometimes-scary, sometimes-lonely nonprofit world. He manages to blend sincerity, fun and professionalism in a way that is rare and refreshing.

— Lori Ventola, Director, Plumfield Learning Systems
The Non-Profit Narrative The new book from PMG President, Dan Portnoy

“Dan gives easy-to-read and easy-to-understand thoughts on developing your non-profit (or even personal) story, finding your audience and telling your story via the appropriate channels (website, social media, blogs).” –Jackie Chapman

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